NEMESIAS Sunshine Garden Centre, London Each year Farplants delivers 500,000 1lt Martine Tellwright bred Nemesias Martine Tellwright, started breeding Nemesias back in 1995. She concentrated on new colour breaks, scent and habit, and now leads the world with over a dozen varieties to her name. Each summer Martine evaluated around 10,000 seedlings, selecting only a handful to take forward for further evaluation. All this dedication is well worth it though as Farplants now sells 500,000 1lt Nemesias each season to its garden centre customers. • 54 x 2 litre pots • Delivered in June EU PVR applies Amelie 1lt & 2lt • With a great scent, Amelie is still a best seller 15 years after its launch • 1 litre pots (16 trays of 8) • Medium bedcard • Delivered April to May in bud and flower Qty 1lt Retail Qty 2lt Retail 28