16 Vegetable Plants 1lt Pepper Sweet Banana Cucumber Petipikel Tomato Red Robin Courgette Goldrush Tomato Pink Charmer Edame Bean Summer Shell Franchi Vegetables • These 1lt pots have a longer life in your garden centre • 27 varieties: Aubergine, 2 Courgette, 3 Cucumbers, Edamame Bean, Leek, Marrow, 2 Peppers, Pumpkin, 2 Squashes and 13 Tomatoes • 1 litre pots (12 trays of 8) • Long bedcard • Delivered April to May • Bred in the cooler northern alpine region of Italy so they are suitable for UK conditions • 16 carefully selected varieties (see order form for varietal list) • v11 pots (16 trays of 15) • 1 metre correx board (shown below) • Delivered April to May Qty Retail Qty Retail Unpriced